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AI salary checker, AI job advert generator, over 300+ pre-made templates approved by experienced recruiters and multiple job board advertising that saves you time and money.

Complete the short form

To check a salary of a job role, enter the job title, where the vacancy is based, the number of years’ experience, contract type and whether it’s a full time or part-time role.

The AI along with our specific instructions will start to check and generate you an average job salary based on thousands of similar jobs posted online.

Your average job salary has been found !

The average salary for your job vacancy will be displayed under the search form. Knowing the average salary will ensure your company is offering a competitive salary in your location and sector.

You’re all set. Don’t forget you can check as many job salaries as you need to ensure your employees are more likely to stay at your company. 

Why use our AI salary checker?

Our job salary checker is connected to Open AI’s ChatGPT with some added features. We have tailored the prompts to help you find the right salary, ensuring your company stays competitive.

Totality Free

Our AI job salary checker is totality free to use and comes with some great features to help you recruit new employees.

AI Optimised

We have optimised ChatGPT's prompts to ensure your job salary is accurate and competitive in today's market.

Fast & Easy

Our dedicated recruiters are on hand to help you with finding your job salary, advertising your role and managing candidates.

Start finding your correct job role salaries today with our free AI salary checker.

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Create a job advert template in seconds with our free AI job advert generator. Make any job advert that attracts the best talent available for your job vacancy.

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Multiple Job Board Advertising

Career Poster has one of the largest job board networks in the UK. Creating a job advertising package that distributes your job across multiple job board sites.

Job Advertising from £195.

Pre-Made Job Advert Templates

Our recruiters have created over 300+ job title specific job advert templates for you to copy and edit for yourself.

AI generated and checked by professional recruiters with over 10 years’ experience.

AI Job Salary Checker FAQ's

Yes, you just need to create a free account and you will get access to our AI job advert generator and AI salary checker tool.

Yes, when AI finds you an average salary, it’s basing the results on jobs posted online across multiple platforms.

Yes, ChatGPT will find you the average salary of a job in any given location. We have created prompts to make it easier and more accurate.

Simply create an account with a verified email address and use a safe password. 

If you have an active job advertised with us, we provide 247 support via live  chat and you can call us on 0161 327 0117 between 9am and 5pm.

Career Poster is a job advertising agency based in the UK and we provide employers with recruitment tools and job advertising. 

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