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How long does it take for my advert to go live across the boards?

If you submit your job before 4pm, it will go live across the job boards the same day. If submitted after 4pm, it will go live the following day.

How long does my advert go on the job boards for?

  • LinkedIn (28 days)
  • Total Jobs (42 days)
  • Google Jobs (42 days)
  • Jobsite (42 days)
  • Reed (42 days)
  • Monster (30 days)
  • Career Builder (30 days)
  • Career Poster (42 days)

How do I receive my job applications?

You have 3 options to manage your applications:

  1. Use the job portal –  You can shortlist, download and respond to your candidates in our ATS, included in every package.
  2. Use the application email – On your vacancy, simply select an application email and CV’s will be sent directly to the email of your choice.
  3. URL apply – Receive applications through your own website or ATS.


Can I edit my job advert?

Yes of course, you can do this online in your portal or you can just ask your account manager.

Are there any hiring fees or additional costs?


What job board will my job go on?

Please see Our Network.

How much does it cost?

We have multiple job packages from £195 – £395 for every budget and role.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, the more jobs you purchase the bigger the discount. We also offer an introductory discount for your first posting, please call us on 0161 123 4321 for more information.

Will you write my job advert for me?

Yes, just provide us with enough details for the vacancy and we will optimise it with the correct keywords so that you find the right talent.

Do you provide custom packages?

Yes, we recommend trying the Premium package first so you can get a true idea of what job boards you would like in your custom package.

How do I create an account?

When you post your first job, we will ask for your email address and a password will be sent to you so that you can access your portal.



How do you process payment?

We process payment via PayPal, Stripe and BACS.

How can I contact my account manager?

You can contact our team via live chat, telephone or email during our working hours.

What sectors/industries do you cover?

We cover every sector and industry. Most of the premium job sites we work with are general boards, covering all sectors. We also work with industry specific sites.

How can I access my orders and invoices?

Please login to your account and go to https://careerposter.co.uk/my-account/orders/

Job not displaying on Google Jobs?

If your job is not showing on Google, this will be down to your job location or salary. Google requires both a postcode and a salary range to display jobs on their search engine. (This applies to Google only)


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