Writing a Good Quality CV That Stands Out To Employers

Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence


OK, so you want to stand out to employers but don’t know how to write a good quality CV? Don’t worry, by the end of our short tutorial you will be writing an effective Curriculum Vitae (CV) that will get you noticed. We have broken this guide down into 3 simple steps and included a template for you to get started, if needed.

Step 1: Planning Your CV

Create a list of everything you will include in your CV. A short bullet point list on everything you need to include is a great start to planning your CV. Most employers expect CVs to include the following:

  • Personal Information (up-to-date contact details).
  • Education (any qualifications).
  • Work Experience (time line of career).
  • Skills and Achievements
  • Interests and Goals
  • References available

Consider the job role you’re applying for. A good quality CV will always be tailored to the role you’re applying for, so the employer can see that you are a good match for their vacancy. Start by writing lists for each of your bullet points such as your qualifications, skills, experience and achievements. Now research the role and the company you’re applying for and write a similar list but this time for what they’re looking for in the role.


  • Research the company website’s about us page for information.
  • Check the job requirements in the job advert.

Step 2: Writing Your CV

Create a professional layout that stands out for your CV. When it comes to the layout of your CV, it’s important that employers can easily read your information and see relevant keywords that they will be looking for.

If you’re looking for a template for your CV there is a few options you can do:

  • Use our free Microsoft Word template.
  • Search online for templates.
  • Create your own template.

Free CV Download

Most CV’s will be layout in the following order:

Personal Information > Personal Summary > Interests & Goals > Education & Qualifications > Work Experience > Skills & Achievements > Work References

Use your role requirement list & company research. Tailor and highlight your matching skills, qualifications and experience with the role requirements from the job position that your applying for. Also, it’s good for an employer to see that you’re interested in their company and industry and would like to progress your career in that direction.

Step 3: Checklist Your CV & Finalise

Create a checklist for your CV. It’s crucial that you make a checklist for your CV so that you don’t forget any information, send with spelling mistakes or send a tailored CV to the wrong employer.

You should be asking yourself the following questions with your checklist:

  • Is there any spelling mistakes in your CV? 80% of employers have admitted to rejecting CVs because of spelling mistakes)
  • Is your CV easy to read? Your CV should be formatted so that it’s easy to read, content should be separated and not in one large block.
  • Have you included your skills and do they match? One of the very first things that employers look for on a CV is the skills section to see if you are relevant for the job.
  • Have you got an appropriate email address? Make sure your email address is work appropriate, for example just use an email that contains your full name (no nicknames). Also, make sure your contact details are up to date.
  • How long is your CV? Your CV should not be longer than 1-2 pages. Over 16% of employers have rejected a CV just based on the length being too long.

Send your CV to a friend or family member. The great thing about CV’s is that everybody must have one at most points in their career, which means everybody has gone through the struggle of creating a CV. If you know somebody in your industry, this is even better as they will be able to provide you with relevant advice. Sometimes having a set of fresh eyes look over your CV can make all the difference.

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